Google PayTM FAQ's

Using Google Pay

How do I set up Google Pay?

Before making a purchase using your digital wallet you'll need to enrol in Google Pay* on your compatible Android device and add your existing Visa credit or debit card/s. You'll also need to make sure your mobile number is up-to-date with Heritage. You can check this in Heritage Online or contact us. 

Using the Heritage Mobile Banking App

  1. Go to Manage Cards in your Heritage Mobile Banking App.
  2. Find the card you'd like to add to Google Pay and click Add to Google Pay.
  3. Accept the Terms & Conditions.
  4. Verify your Google Pay registration by entering the One Time Password (OTP) we sent to your registered phone via SMS.
  5. Once verified, you're all set to make contactless purchases using your digital wallet. 

Using the Google Pay App

  1. Download the Google Pay App from the Google Play Store if it isn’t already available on your Android device.
  2. Open the Google Pay App - Tap ‘+’ to add all your eligible Heritage Visa cards.
  3. Use the camera to capture your card information or enter it yourself.
  4. Accept the Terms & Conditions.
  5. Verify your Google Pay registration by entering the One Time Password (OTP) we sent to your registered phone via SMS.
  6. Once verified, you’re all set to make contactless purchases using your digital wallet.

Make sure your device is unlocked when you hold it up to pay. Visit the Google Pay website for more information 

Where and how can I use Google Pay – in-store or online?

In Stores - Pay contactless with your Android Phone

Google Pay works anywhere contactless payments are accepted. Just wake your Android phone and hold it near the terminal until you see a check mark. You don't even need to open the App. 

In Apps and on the web - Pay as quick as you click

Use Google Pay to check out even faster. Once you've added a card, you won't need to enter your payment info again. Just confirm your purchase and you're all set.

Use Google Pay wherever you see these symbols


Does Google Pay use my actual card details?

When making purchases using Google Pay, your physical card number is replaced with a ‘token’ to pay for transactions. Google Pay protects your payment info with multiple layers of security to help keep your account safe.

Can I remove a card from my Google Pay wallet?

Yes, to remove a card from your digital wallet, simply open Google Pay, click on the card in your digital wallet and tap ‘remove’.  This doesn't affect the use of your physical card.

Will I continue to earn loyalty or rewards benefits from my credit and debit card(s) when using Google Pay?

Google Pay transactions will not impact any loyalty or rewards programs you have with Heritage. They will be treated like any other card transaction.

Are my Google Pay purchases protected from fraudulent transactions?

Whether you use a digital wallet or a physical Visa card, you are protected with Visa Zero Liability# against fraudulent transactions.

Where can I get help with Google Pay App?

Visit Google Pay Help for assistance.

My Google Pay isn’t working.

If Google Pay isn't working make sure your card is set up correctly on your device.

To make a purchase in-store, you need to have the NFC settings turned on in your device settings.

Then open the Google Pay App and ensure your device screen is active. Purchases cannot be processed if the screen is inactive or locked.

When you hold your device in front of a contactless reader, the token stored in the digital wallet will be transmitted directly to that contactless reader.

Security of Payments

Is Google Pay secure?

Google Pay protects your payment info with multiple layers of security to help keep your account safe.

Learn more.

Are my credit and debit card numbers passed to the merchant when I shop in-stores with Google Pay?

When you use your phone to pay in stores, Google Pay doesn’t send your actual credit or debit card number with your payment. Instead, an encrypted virtual account number is used to represent your information – so your real card details stay safe.

Learn more.

What information is stored about my purchases with Google Pay?

Transaction data that is stored on your device is kept anonymously and recent purchase history remains private, and is not used for marketing purposes.

Learn more.

What if my device with Google Pay is lost or stolen? | Heritage Bank

If your device is lost or stolen, you can easily find, or erase your device using Android Device Manager. Call us immediately on 13 14 22 and assist you to suspend or delete the relevant cards from the Google Pay App. If you purchase a new device then you will need to add your eligible Heritage Visa cards to the Google Pay App. In the meantime, you can continue to use your physical card without interruption.

What verification is required to make a Google Pay purchase?

For purchases over $100, you will need to enter your physical card PIN at the terminal. 

Learn more.

Digital Wallet help

What if my physical Visa card is lost or stolen?

If your Visa card is lost or stolen you’ll need to report this to Heritage as soon as possible so that we can cancel your Visa card. 

Once you report your card as lost or stolen, you will no longer be able to use your physical card.  If your card has been loaded onto a digital wallet, you will still be able to make transactions and your card details will automatically be updated when you activate your new card.

Follow our steps to report a lost, stolen or damaged card using your Heritage Mobile Banking App. If you do not have the Heritage Mobile Banking App, you can cancel your card in Heritage Online or contact us for assistance. 

If you notice any unauthorised transactions, we can help you dispute a transaction.

Can I use my digital wallet overseas?

Yes, however, it’s important you set-up or activate your card in your digital wallet before heading overseas. If you don’t have international roaming enabled on your device, you may encounter technical issues such as receiving your One Time Password.

What should I do with my digital wallet when I receive a new or a replacement card?

If you've received a new card your digital wallet will automatically update to take payments from your new card. If your tokens were removed from your digital wallet due to fraudulent transactions, you may need to remove your old card and register your new card. If you require assistance during this process visit our FAQ's or call us 24/7 on 13 14 22.

What if I suspect fraudulent transactions on my digital wallet?

Whether you use a digital wallet or a physical Visa card and you pay with Visa (CR), you are protected with Visa Zero Liability# against fraudulent transactions.

If you think a transaction looks suspicious, contact Heritage’s Contact Centre on 13 14 22 with details of your concerns at hand. Visit our Disputed Transaction page for information on how to dispute a transaction.


If I sell or give my device to someone else, what will happen to the digital wallet information in the device?

If selling or giving away your device you should make sure you delete all cards in any digital wallet. Alternatively, you may reset your device to factory settings which will also remove all token accounts. If you forget to do this, you should contact Heritage and we will action this for you on your behalf.

If I lose my device and if someone starts using it to make purchases, am I liable for those purchases?

Whether you use a digital wallet or a physical Visa card and you pay with Visa (CR), you are protected with Visa zero liability# against fraudulent transactions.

How will digital wallet purchases appear on my statement?

Digital wallet transactions appear on your statement the same as any card transaction performed on your account.

What payment information will be on my receipt when I pay with a digital wallet?

Receipts should look the same as they always have. However, in some cases, receipts created from digital wallet purchases may display the last four digits of the token provided to the merchant (these four digits may differ from the last four digits of your physical card).
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