Guide to buying a car

At Heritage we think of everything to make the process of buying your perfect car as easy as possible.

Be prepared


Get started by reviewing your budget. By making improvements to the management of your spending you'll be in a better position to apply for a car loan. If you are planning on upgrading your car you'll need to look at how much room you have for movement from any current car loan repayments you make. If you are planning on purchasing a higher value vehicle your repayments could be higher so you'll need to look at whether this is possible within your current budget, or whether you'll need to make some changes to spending elsewhere.

How much can I borrow?

How much money you can borrow to buy a car will depend on a number of things, including your financial situation, savings, income and expenses, credit history, and the cost of the car. A loan pre-approval process will help you find out how much you can borrow. Read more in our Help & Guidance article, How much money can I borrow to buy a car.

What could my repayments be?

To find out what your repayments could be use our car loan calculator. This calculator helps you to estimate loan repayments as well as other costs associated with purchasing and running a car, like registration and insurance.

To do’s

  • Review your current budget and research
  • Use our car loan calculator
  • Work out a budget
  • Apply or a loan pre-approval
  • Go shopping 
  • Apply for personal loan and insurances
  • Get moving
Knowing the cost

How much does it cost to own a car?

There are a number of costs associated with purchasing and running a car. It’s important to understand these costs and how they might impact your repayments and your overall budget.

  • Insurance
  • Registration
  • Running costs such as tyres, fuel and servicing
Apply for a loan

Which product: New vs. used

Our Car Loan can be used for either new or used vehicles. However, if you are looking at purchasing a vehicle over 7 years old you will be better off looking to apply for a Personal Loan. 

Tip: speed up and simplify your personal loan application with our Application Checklist. 
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