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Use our Car Loan Calculator to estimate what your car loan interest rate and repayments could be. Our Car Loan can help you purchase a car, caravan or motorbike up to 7 years old.

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By paying $loanFrequency_lyname, you will save $heritageRepayments_totalSaved & $heritageRepayments_yearsSaved over the life of your loan.

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Wanting to buy a car over 7 years old?
A Personal Loan could be a better fit.

Indicative repayment amount only based on current interest rates. Your credit contract will state a monthly repayment figure. You may make payments as frequently as you choose within each month to pay the monthly amount due.

Stamp Duty

Based on a $assetUse vehicle worth $assetValue in $state, you might pay Stamp Duty of:
Vehicle Value:
No of Cylinders:


What is stamp duty?

Stamp Duty (known as ‘transfer duty’ in Queensland) is a state government tax imposed on certain transactions. In this case, it would be imposed on the transaction of a car from one owner to another.


It is important to consider insurance when purchasing a car, caravan or motorbike. Input your estimated insurance costs below. 
Annual insurance cost:

Note: This tool is for estimation purposes only. It in no way represents an average premium or indication of potential costs. For an accurate annual insurance cost, you will need to seek an insurance quote that takes into account your particular situation.

Car Registration

To drive a car in any state it must be registered. Registering a car helps to show clear ownership of the car and also acts as a tax for car owners.
No of Cylinders:
Vehicle Weight:

Running Costs

Staying safe on the road means keeping your car roadworthy.
Estimated weekly Km:
Weekly Running Costs:
Servicing / Repairs:

Total Cost Summary

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By paying $loanFrequency_lyname, you will save $heritageRepayments_totalSaved & $heritageRepayments_yearsSaved over the life of your loan.

Heritage Loan Repayment

Car Insurance

Car Registration
Running Costs
Loan Fee
  • What if interest rates change by:

    When your interest rate is fixed, it will not change during your term, however rates are subject to change without notice before you apply.

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Up-front Costs

These are one off costs that you will need to consider.

Application Fee

Stamp Duty

Other costs to consider

There may be other costs you need to consider when taking out a car loan. For example, you may need to consider your lifestyle expenses and activities and how able you are to modify this if your circumstances happen to change during the period of the loan. If you're buying a second hand car, read our tips on what to look out for when buying a used car.