Proudly supporting people's firsts.

Our member's firsts

Aenid & Barry opened Heritage savings accounts for their 15 great grandchildren.

Lachy & Alyssa realised their dream of establishing their first tiny home.

We worked with Howard to open the first Heritage Community Branch in Crows Nest in 1999.
First Bank Account

Meet Aenid & Barry

Aenid & Barry have always put their family first. They have 15 great grandchildren between the ages of 1 and 16 - all with different goals in life. That's why they recently opened Heritage savings accounts for each of their great grandchildren. Aenid & Barry want to teach their great grandchildren about the importance of saving for their goals - whether it be their first house, first car or first chicken.

"These bank accounts are part of teaching them the benefit of having something that they can build on to."

Aenid - Heritage Bank member
first bank account first house first bank account first house first bank account first house first bank account first house
First Tiny Home

Meet Lachy & Alyssa 

Lachy & Alyssa used their savings to realise their dream of establishing their first tiny home on a remote property in Darling Downs, QLD. Instead of building a traditional home, they opted for a tiny, sustainable home - complete with solar power everything, water recycling, loft style sleeping arrangements and a beautiful outdoor entertaining area. It's the perfect place for Lachy, Alyssa and their kids to getaway and get back in touch with nature.

"For us this is just a place to escape. Being in nature and we come down here and have some really good quality time."

Alyssa - Heritage member and employee
tiny house tiny house tiny house tiny house
First Community Branch

Meet Howard

In 1999, we worked with Howard to open the first Heritage Community Branch in Crows Nest, QLD.

"It all started in 1999. The major banks were closing and we went about trying to do something about it. We did our research and realised the community branch model with Heritage was the best thing for us."

Howard Littleton -  Crows Nest community member & Inaugural Chairman of the Crows Nest Community Branch Committee
first community branch first community branch first community branch first community branch

What's a Community Branch? It's when Heritage comes together with local community investors to share the expenses of setting up and running a branch. This ensures the community will have ongoing access to banking services.

In return, the Community Branch distributes a share of profits back into the community to support charities, sporting clubs, parks, and other local organisations. The more the community banks at the branch, the more the community benefits.

In Crows Nest, this has seen over $7 million go back into the community and almost every organisation in town has benefited from our partnership.

We're here to help you with your firsts.

Helping our customers to achieve their firsts in life and reach their financial dreams is at the heart of all we do. We're a bank, but we don't just exist to sell financial products.  When you choose Heritage, you'll be supported with award-winning people first service online, from our branches in Queensland and NSW or from our Australian based Contact Centre, available 24/7.

Save for your first

No matter what your first is, we can help you achieve your savings goal sooner with a Heritage savings account.

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Since 1875, Heritage Bank has grown to become one of the largest customer owned banks in Australia.  What's the difference between a bank and a customer owned bank? We're owned by our customers (like you), not shareholders. So, instead of pursuing massive profits, our focus is on putting people first. We do this by providing award-winning customer service, competitive products and ongoing community support.
Awards for Bank of the Year - Customer Service and Customer-Owned Institution of the Year

We're committed to helping our customers through good times, and times of hardship, with genuine service and support. 

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